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Understand and Realize an ``Invisible Gateway'' in a Classical Way

By Xianqi Lin, Yuan Jiang, Jun Ye Jin, Jia Wei Yu, and Sailing He
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 141, 739-749, 2013


We create an invisible gateway simply by putting electric and magnetic superscatterers in a metallic waveguide. The characteristics of the electric and magnetic resonators are analyzed in a metallic hollow waveguide, and the dual-mode superscattering property is discussed in detail to broaden the bandwidth of the invisible gateway. Good agreement is achieved between the simulation and measurement for such an invisible gateway. The present work help readers understand easily how an invisible gateway works (or makes sense) in a classical way without using any complex metamaterial or complicated method of transformation optics.


Xianqi Lin, Yuan Jiang, Jun Ye Jin, Jia Wei Yu, and Sailing He, "Understand and Realize an ``Invisible Gateway'' in a Classical Way," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 141, 739-749, 2013.


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