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B -Calm: an Open-Source Multi-GPU-Based 3D-FDTD with Multi-Pole Dispersion for Plasmonics

By Pierre Wahl, Dany Sebastien Ly Gagnon, Christof Debaes, Jurgen Van Erps, Nathalie Vermeulen, David A. B. Miller, and Hugo Thienpont
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 138, 467-478, 2013


Numerical calculations based on finite-difference timedomain (FDTD) simulations for metallic nanostructures in a broad optical spectrum require an accurate modeling of the permittivity of dispersive materials. In this paper, we present the algorithms behind BCALM (Belgium-CAlifornia Light Machine), an open-source 3D-FDTD solver simultaneously operating on multiple Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) and efficiently utilizing multi-pole dispersion models while hiding latency in inter-GPU memory transfers. Our architecture shows a reduction in computing times for multi-pole dispersion models and an almost linear speed-up with respect to the amount of used GPUs. We benchmark B-CALM by computing the absorption efficiency of a metallic nanosphere in a broad spectral range with a six-pole Lorentz model and compare it with Mie theory and with a widely used Central Processing Unit (CPU)-based FDTD simulator.


Pierre Wahl, Dany Sebastien Ly Gagnon, Christof Debaes, Jurgen Van Erps, Nathalie Vermeulen, David A. B. Miller, and Hugo Thienpont, "B -Calm: an Open-Source Multi-GPU-Based 3D-FDTD with Multi-Pole Dispersion for Plasmonics," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 138, 467-478, 2013.


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