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Super/Zero Scattering Characteristics of Circular SRR Arrays

By Yuan Zhang, Erik Forsberg, and Sailing He
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 137, 513-526, 2013


The ability to control the scattering property of an object is important in many applications. In this paper, we propose and study the scattering characteristics of a circular array of split-ring resonators (SRRs). By calculating the scattered energy spectrum, we show that the proposed structure has a localized surface plasmon resonance like behavior, which makes it useful as a super scatterer. Furthermore, in a special case, the proposed structure exhibits transparency to the illuminated waves, i.e. it does not scatter any energy at all and thus acts as a zero electromagnetic scattering object.


Yuan Zhang, Erik Forsberg, and Sailing He, "Super/Zero Scattering Characteristics of Circular SRR Arrays," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 137, 513-526, 2013.


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