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Plane Wave Beam Produced by an Exclusive Medium

By Jingbo Sun, Qian Zhao, Bo Li, and Ji Zhou
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 135, 735-745, 2013


In this work, a special indefinite medium is used to produce a plane wave beam due to its linear type equifrequency contour resulted by the zero parameter in the permeability tenser. Only one transmitting mode exists in such a medium, composing the plane wave beam propagating along the zero parameter direction. Parameters along the field vectors of the wave are 1, enabling the wave propagation in the medium like in the air, which is totally different from the zero-index medium. A split ring resonator (SRR)-arrays based metamaterial is used to realize such a medium and produce an approximate plane wave beam experimentally. This idea proposes a feasible way to generate a near field plane wave beam with certain beamwidth, which can also be applied in cylindrical coordination or 3D cases.


Jingbo Sun, Qian Zhao, Bo Li, and Ji Zhou, "Plane Wave Beam Produced by an Exclusive Medium," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 135, 735-745, 2013.


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