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Characterization and Modeling of Schottky Diodes Up to 110 GHz for Use in Both Flip-Chip and Wire-Bonded Assembled Environments

By Kaoutar Zeljami, Jessica Gutierrez, Juan Pablo Pascual, Tomas Fernandez, Antonio Tazón, and Mohamed Boussouis
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 131, 457-475, 2012


This paper presents a wideband model, from Direct Current (DC) to W band, for a single Anode Schottky Diode based on a commercial VDI chip. Different measurements have been performed to obtain a complete large-signal equivalent circuit model suitable for the device under consideration up to 110 GHz, and for its integration in planar circuits. The modeling has been done using a combination of DC, capacitance measurements, and RF scattering measurements. The test structure for on-wafer S-parameter characterization has been developed to obtain an equivalent circuit for Coplanar to Microstrip (CPW-Microstrip) transitions, then verified with 3D Electromagnetic (EM) tools and finally used to de-embed device measurements from empirical data results in W band. 3D EM simulation of the diodes was used to initialize the parasitic parameters. Those significant extrinsic elements were combined with the intrinsic elements. The results show that the proposed method is suitable to determine parameters of the diode model with an excellent fit with measurements. Using this model, the simulated performance for a number of diode structures has given accurate predictions up to 110 GHz. Some anomalous phenomena such as parasitic resistance dependence on frequency have been found.


Kaoutar Zeljami, Jessica Gutierrez, Juan Pablo Pascual, Tomas Fernandez, Antonio Tazón, and Mohamed Boussouis, "Characterization and Modeling of Schottky Diodes Up to 110 GHz for Use in Both Flip-Chip and Wire-Bonded Assembled Environments," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 131, 457-475, 2012.


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