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Molecular EM Fields and Dynamical Responses in Solids with Magnetic Charges

By Joan Costa-Quintana and Fernando Lopez-Aguilar
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 121, 159-179, 2011


The monopoles are theoretically defined as charges which produce fields whose divergence is, obviously, different from zero. However, the entities which have been experimentally detected in the spin-ices, with mimetic behavior to that of the magnetic monopoles, generate magnetic fields which seem to be compatible with ∇·B = 0. This apparent contradiction can create confusion and therefore it requires explanation. In this paper we have carried out an analysis of the different electromagnetic fields in the spin-ices materials. We clarify the differences between the average fields of standard Maxwell equations with zero divergence even in spin-ices and the non macroscopic fields when there are magnetic monopoles in these materials. We give the molecular or local fields which allow us to determine the molecular polarizability. We combine the extended Clausius-Mossotti equations with the Lorentz-Drude model for obtaining the extended susceptibility and the optical conductivity which can be used for explaining the action of the electromagnetic fields in spin-ices.


Joan Costa-Quintana and Fernando Lopez-Aguilar, "Molecular EM Fields and Dynamical Responses in Solids with Magnetic Charges," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 121, 159-179, 2011.


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