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A Four-Parameter m -Profile Model for the Evaporation Duct Estimation from Radar Clutter

By Jin-Peng Zhang, Zhen-Sen Wu, Qing-Lin Zhu, and Bo Wang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 114, 353-368, 2011


A new four-parameter modified refractivity profile (M-profile) model for the evaporation duct is introduced in this paper. In the estimation of radio refractivity structure from sea clutters, a parametric M-profile model is normally employed. The conventional M-profile model for evaporation ducts is the one-parameter log linear model, which has some potential disadvantages in describing the observed M-profiles which would result in rough results of evaporation duct estimation. Based on this model, three new parameters are introduced and a four-parameter M-profile model is proposed here. This model has the ability to (a) more accurately match real-world M-profiles, (b) well replicate the observed clutter field, and (c) show clutter power or path loss sensitivity to each model parameter. All these abilities are necessary for robust refractivity estimations. The performance of this model is tested and validated through the estimation for two truly measured M-profiles.


Jin-Peng Zhang, Zhen-Sen Wu, Qing-Lin Zhu, and Bo Wang, "A Four-Parameter m -Profile Model for the Evaporation Duct Estimation from Radar Clutter," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 114, 353-368, 2011.


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