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Practical Remarks on Measurement and Simulation Methods to Emulate the Wireless Channel in the Reverberation Chamber

By Adam J. Pomianek, Kamil Staniec, and Zbigniew Joskiewicz
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 105, 49-69, 2010


The purpose of this paper is to provide some further observations on the use of reverberation chambers to imitate real wireless channels. It is shown, that when RMS delay spread is calculated appropriate threshold has to be chosen. Based on the threshold value the required dynamics of measurements performed for realistic wireless channels can be estimated. It is also shown, that the reverberation chamber loading method allows only for representing outdoor channels.


Adam J. Pomianek, Kamil Staniec, and Zbigniew Joskiewicz, "Practical Remarks on Measurement and Simulation Methods to Emulate the Wireless Channel in the Reverberation Chamber," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 105, 49-69, 2010.


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