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Improved 3-D GPR Detection by NUFFT Combined with MPD Method

By Yueqin Huang, Yanhui Liu, Qing Huo Liu, and Jianzhong Zhang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 103, 185-199, 2010


A combined method of the non-uniform fast fourier transform (NUFFT) migration and the least-square based matching pursuit decomposition (MPD) algorithms is proposed to obtain better discrimination and interpretation for subsurface from ground penetrating radar (GPR) signals. By using the modified NUFFT migration algorithm, a fast and high resolution GPR reconstruction can be obtained with an additional reduction in storage and computation requirements. By incorporating the MPD algorithm into a migration method, denoised reconstructions are obtained to enhance objects detection, including the identification of objects' geometries and the estimation of their sizes and locations. Several examples from synthetic data and field data are demonstrated to establish the effectiveness of the synergic effect by comparing it with the conventional migration methods.


Yueqin Huang, Yanhui Liu, Qing Huo Liu, and Jianzhong Zhang, "Improved 3-D GPR Detection by NUFFT Combined with MPD Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 103, 185-199, 2010.


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