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Polarization Insensitive Metamaterial Absorber with Wide Incident Angle

By Bo Zhu, Zhengbin Wang, Ci Huang, Yijun Feng, Junming Zhao, and Tian Jiang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 101, 231-239, 2010


This paper presents the design, fabrication and measurement of a polarization insensitive microwave absorber based on metamaterial. The unit cell of the metamaterial consists of four-fold rotational symmetric electric resonator and cross structure printed on each side of a print circuit board to realize both electric and magnetic resonances to achieve efficient absorption of the incident microwave energy. Both the full wave electromagnetic simulation and the measurement on the fabricated absorber demonstrate high microwave absorption up to 97% for different polarized incident electromagnetic waves. To understand the mechanism, analysis is carried out for the electromagnetic field distribution at the resonance frequency which reveals the working mode of the metamaterial absorber. Moreover, it is verified by experiment that the absorption of this kind of metamaterial absorber remains over 90% with wide incident angle ranging from 0° to 60° for both transverse electric wave and transverse magnetic wave.


Bo Zhu, Zhengbin Wang, Ci Huang, Yijun Feng, Junming Zhao, and Tian Jiang, "Polarization Insensitive Metamaterial Absorber with Wide Incident Angle," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 101, 231-239, 2010.


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