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An Hybrid Model for the Evaluation of the Full-Wave Far-Field Radiated Emission from PCB Traces

By Andrea Gaetano Chiariello, Giovanni Miano, and Antonio Maffucci
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 101, 125-138, 2010


The paper deals with the evaluation of the far-field radiated emissions from high-speed interconnects when the frequencies are such that the distribution of the currents along the traces is no longer of TEM-type. Instead of a computationally expensive numerical full-wave model, here a generalized transmission line model is used to obtain the current distributions. This full-wave transmission line model is derived from an integral formulation and is here extended to include in efficient way the layered media Green's Functions. The proposed tool is successfully benchmarked to references given in literature and case-studies of practical interest are carried out, referring to a coupled microstrip, driven either by differential and common mode currents. This analysis highlights the existence of a transition range where the error made by evaluating the emission using the classical transmission line current distribution is still negligible. Here a rule of thumb is derived which provides a simple criterion to estimate this extension of the range of validity of the classical transmission line.


Andrea Gaetano Chiariello, Giovanni Miano, and Antonio Maffucci, "An Hybrid Model for the Evaluation of the Full-Wave Far-Field Radiated Emission from PCB Traces," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 101, 125-138, 2010.


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