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Convolutional Codes Acting as EMI Virtual Shields in Current Injection Systems

By Faramarz Faghihi, Hossein Heydari, A. Falahati, and Y. Attar Easy
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 88, 337-353, 2008


In order to design high current devices, there are many factors to be considered namely the compatibility of these devices with the internal and external propagation as well as ensuring the generation of low-frequency and high-frequency disturbances within electromagnetic environments. This contribution reports the simulation and measurement results of the electromagnetic interference (EMI) due to the fields inside and outside a Current Injection Transformer (CIT) and its control system during short circuit tests. This paper will also push the state of the art by proposing a synthetic algorithm based on a channel coding technique for error free EMI shielding to increase the performance level of the CIT against the unpredictable events or probable transient states accompanying EMI which may result in malfunctioning of the control system and data exchanges through the connectors.


Faramarz Faghihi, Hossein Heydari, A. Falahati, and Y. Attar Easy, "Convolutional Codes Acting as EMI Virtual Shields in Current Injection Systems," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 88, 337-353, 2008.


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