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Tunability of Granular Ferroelectric Dielectric Composites

By Liisi Jylha and Ari Sihvola
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 78, 189-207, 2008


Electrical tunability of a composite consisting of small ferroelectric spheres randomly dispersed into a dielectric background is studied. A new method to calculate the effective permittivity of such a nonlinear composite is introduced. The method is based on the Bruggeman effective medium theory and a specific model for the nonlinear permittivity of the ferrite. The resulting tunability (defined as a measure of the change in the permittivity due to the bias field) is a continuous function of the volume fraction of the ferroelectric material phase in the composite. As an example,SrTiO3 is studied with two different nontunable background materials.


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Liisi Jylha and Ari Sihvola, "Tunability of Granular Ferroelectric Dielectric Composites," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 78, 189-207, 2008.


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