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Performance Appraisal of Active Phased Array Antenna in Presence of a Multilayer Flat Sandwich Radome

By Ashutosh Kedar, K. Beenamole, and U. Revankar
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 66, 157-171, 2006


This paper studies the performance appraisal of radiation performance of ultra low sidelobe level Active Phased Array Antennas in presence of Multilayer Flat Sandwich Radome. Further, the effect of errors introduced due to amplitude/phase quantisation and planarity of the array surface, on the radiation performance has been studied. Based on these errors, manufacturing tolerances of the Flat Sandwich Radome have been suggested to control the deterioration of radiation performance within tolerable limits. This work is expected to be useful in development/manufacturing of radomes for Active Phased Array Radars and similar applications where ultra low sidelobe levels are required to be maintained.


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Ashutosh Kedar, K. Beenamole, and U. Revankar, "Performance Appraisal of Active Phased Array Antenna in Presence of a Multilayer Flat Sandwich Radome," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 66, 157-171, 2006.


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