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An Improved Spherical Antenna Array for Wideband Phase Mode Processing

By Ming Da Huang and Soon Yim Tan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 66, 27-40, 2006


This paper presents an icosahedron-based spherical antenna array for phase mode processing. In this topology, the interelement spacing is almost identical. This feature is useful for threedimensional beam scanning and for reducing the effects of mutual coupling. The use of directional elements in this array for wideband synthesis is discussed, and our results show that the use of such elements can overcome the limitations of rapid variations in the amplitude of the far-field mode over a wide frequency band and enable such array to synthesize wideband patterns.


Ming Da Huang and Soon Yim Tan, "An Improved Spherical Antenna Array for Wideband Phase Mode Processing," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 66, 27-40, 2006.


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