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Modal Analysis of a Two-Dimensional Dielectric Grating Slab Excited by an Obliquely Incident Plane Wave

By Ahmed Attiya and Ahmed Kishk
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 60, 221-243, 2006


A vectorial modal analysis of two-dimensional (2-D) dielectric grating is presented. The transmission and reflection from the 2-D dielectric-grating slab are computed by combining the generalized scattering matrix and the modal analysis. New insights on the boundary conditions between two grating structures are presented to be suitable for two-dimensional gratings. The results obtained using the present analysis are verified with published experimental and numerical results for both one- and two-dimensional dielectric-grating slabs. The present approach provides fast convergence and provides good agreement with other numerical techniques. This technique is used to study the effects of different parameters for designing a wide band FSS composed of multilayered 2-D grating slabs.


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Ahmed Attiya and Ahmed Kishk, "Modal Analysis of a Two-Dimensional Dielectric Grating Slab Excited by an Obliquely Incident Plane Wave," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 60, 221-243, 2006.


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