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The Performance of Polarization Diversity Schemes in Outdoor Micro Cells

By Ting-Chieh Tu, Chao-Min Li, and Chien-Ching Chiu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 55, 175-188, 2005


The application of polarization diversity reception at the mobile terminal in micro cells at 2 GHz is presented in this paper. Ray-tracing tool is used to study effects of electric field polarization on the received power in outdoor environments. The performance of diversity schemes with vertical/horizontal polarization and +45°/−45° slanted polarization are compared in different line-of-sight (LOS) and nonline- of-sight (NLOS) environments. Based on the evaluation of cross polarization discrimination (XPD) parameters, it is clarified that different environments will affect XPD values in micro cells. Then, the vertical/horizontal polarization diversity and +45°/−45° slanted polarization diversity are chosen to compare with space diversity. Several different combining techniques of polarization and space diversity schemes are also compared in different environments. It is found that dual-polarized antennas for mobile terminal are a promising alternative for two spaced antennas.


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Ting-Chieh Tu, Chao-Min Li, and Chien-Ching Chiu, "The Performance of Polarization Diversity Schemes in Outdoor Micro Cells," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 55, 175-188, 2005.


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