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Electromagnetic Scattering from Periodic Arrays of Composite Circular Cylindrer with Internal Cylindrical Scatterers

By Hiroshi Toyama and Kiyotoshi Yasumoto
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 52, 321-333, 2005


A very efficient and accurate method to characterize the electromagnetic scattering from periodic arrays of two-dimensional composite cylindrical ob jects with internal eccentric cylindrical scatterers is presented, using the lattice sums formula and the aggregate T-matrix for cylindrical structures. The method is quite general and applies to various configurations of two-dimensional periodic arrays. The dielectric host cylinder per unit cell of the array can contain two or more eccentric cylindrical scatterers (we call them inclusions in this paper), which may be dielectric, conductor, gyrotropic medium, or their mixture with different sizes. The power reflection coefficients from one-layer or one-hundred-layered periodic arrays of composite cylinders with up to two inclusions have been numerically studied. The effect of the presence of inclusions on the properties of resonance peaks or the stopband's width will be discussed.


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Hiroshi Toyama and Kiyotoshi Yasumoto, "Electromagnetic Scattering from Periodic Arrays of Composite Circular Cylindrer with Internal Cylindrical Scatterers," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 52, 321-333, 2005.


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