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Insulated Cylindrical Antenna in a COLD Magnetoplasma

By Alexander V. Kudrin, E. Petrov, George Kyriacou, and Tatyana Zaboronkova
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 53, 135-166, 2005


A study is made of the characteristics of a perfectly conducting cylindrical antenna insulated from the surrounding cold collisionless magnetoplasma by an isotropic coaxial cylindrical sheath for the case where the antenna is aligned with an external magnetic field and is excited by means of a delta-function voltage generator. A rigorous representation is obtained for the current distribution on an infinitely long antenna. It is shown that in the whistler frequency range, the current distribution of a sufficiently thin antenna is determined mainly by the eigenmode whose guided propagation is found to be supported along the antenna. Based on the results obtained for an infinitely long antenna, a generalized transmission-line theory is developed for determining the current distribution and the input impedance of an insulated antenna of finite length located in a resonant magnetoplasma. The influence of the sheath parameters on the antenna characteristics is analyzed.


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Alexander V. Kudrin, E. Petrov, George Kyriacou, and Tatyana Zaboronkova, "Insulated Cylindrical Antenna in a COLD Magnetoplasma," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 53, 135-166, 2005.


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