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Theoretical Aspects of Wave Propagation in Random Media Based on Quanty and Statistical Field Theory

By Nathan Blaunstein
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 47, 135-191, 2004


In this work, we summarize the existing theoretical methods based on statistical and quanty theory and give some non-standard mathematical approaches based on such theories to explain the principal scalar and vector electrodynamic problems for future applications to acoustic, radio and optical wave propagation in homogeneous, isotropic, anisotropic and inhomogeneous media. We show of how the statistical description of wave equations can be evaluated based on quantum field theory with presentation of Feynman's diagrams by a limited-to-zero finite set of expanded Green functions according to perturbation theory for single, double, triple, etc, scattering phenomenon. It is shown that at very short wavelengths, the Green's function is damped over a few wavelengths if the refractive index fluctuations in the medium are strong; at long wavelengths the effective phase velocity of electromagnetic waves may be increased. It is shown, that the coupling between different wave modes and the energy transfer between different wave modes, may be important, even for week random fluctuations of parameters of the medium, but it takes a very long time.


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Nathan Blaunstein, "Theoretical Aspects of Wave Propagation in Random Media Based on Quanty and Statistical Field Theory," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 47, 135-191, 2004.


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