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Malvar Wavelet Based Pocklington Equation Solutions to Thin-Wire Antennas and Scatterers

By Youri Tretiakov and George Pan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 47, 123-133, 2004


Malvar wavelets are often referred to as smooth local cosine (SLC) functions. In this paper the SLC functions are employed as the basis and testing functions in the Galerkin-based Method of Moments (MoM) for the Pocklington equation of thin-wire antennas and scatterers. The SLC system has rapid convergence and is particularly suitable to handle electrically large scatterers, where the integral kernel behaves in a highly oscillatory manner. Numerical examples demonstrate the scattering ofelectromagnetic waves from a thin-wire scatterer as well as wave radiation from the gull-shaped antenna. A comparison ofthe new approach versus the traditional MoM is provided.


Youri Tretiakov and George Pan, "Malvar Wavelet Based Pocklington Equation Solutions to Thin-Wire Antennas and Scatterers," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 47, 123-133, 2004.


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