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The Surface Impedance of a Homogeneous TM-Type Plane Wave at Skew Incidence Upon an Inclined Anisotropic Half-Space

By Glenn Wilson and David V. Thiel
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 44, 249-266, 2004


General expressions for the electromagnetic fields of homogeneous TM-type plane waves at a skew angle of incidence upon an inclined anisotropic half-space are derived. Previous analyses have only considered fields of homogeneous plane waves in the problems of a laterally anisotropic half-space, and not the problem of an inclined anisotropic half-space. Previous analyses also have assumed that the linear polarization of the incident magnetic field is maintained, regardless of the anisotropy present. The results presented in this paper have shown that while this assumption is valid only for the magnetic field, the electric field is elliptically polarised in the anisotropic half-space. This is demonstrated through a model study and experimental verification at VLF. The solutions obtained converge on the expected values for the special cases presented by other authors.


Glenn Wilson and David V. Thiel, "The Surface Impedance of a Homogeneous TM-Type Plane Wave at Skew Incidence Upon an Inclined Anisotropic Half-Space," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 44, 249-266, 2004.


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