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High-Impedance Surfaces Based on Self-Resonant Grids. Analytical Modelling and Numerical Simulations

Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 43, 239-256, 2003


A new variant of artificial high-impedance surfaces is suggested and studied. This is a thin composite layer consisting of a dielectric layer with a planar self-resonant grid from metal strips on its surface. Every grid element is connected to the ground plane with a metal pin. We use an analytical model which has been recently developed for a similar structure. The advantages of the new structure (decreasing the resonant frequency for fixed period and thickness,further angular stabilization of surface impedance for the TE-incidence of waves) are studied and explained. The analytical model is compared with numerical simulations. It predicts quite well the resonant frequencies of the artificial surface for different angles of incidence however is not enough accurate for calculating the values of the surface impedance.


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, "High-Impedance Surfaces Based on Self-Resonant Grids. Analytical Modelling and Numerical Simulations," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 43, 239-256, 2003.


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