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Analysis of Aperture Antennas Above Lossy Half-Space

Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 44, 39-55, 2004


This paper studies the radiation properties of aperture antennas above imperfect ground using Discrete Complex Image Method (DCIM). The present method is simple and has high accuracy. In this approach, based on linear approximating a function to an exponential series, equivalent complex images have been obtained. Number, intensity and location of images are obtained using Generalized Pencil Of Function (GPOF) technique. We assume current distribution over the aperture be combination of electric and magnetic currents in vertical and horizontal direction. The obtained results are comparable with analytical computation in limited cases. In spite of Sommerfeld integral based methods, this method is simple with lower computational time.


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, "Analysis of Aperture Antennas Above Lossy Half-Space," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 44, 39-55, 2004.


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