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Small-Slope Approximation Method: a Further Study of Vector Wave Scattering from Two-Dimensional Surfaces and Comparison with Experimental Data

By Gerard Berginc
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 37, 251-287, 2002


This paper deals with the calculation of the scattering cross-section of polarized electromagnetic plane waves from 2-D metallic and dielectric randomly rough surfaces. The scattering crosssection of object is calculated by the Local Small Slope Approximation (SSA), the scattering cross-section is then compared with experimental data. In this paper, second order terms of the SSA method have been numerically implemented in order to obtain accurate results for a large range of slope. In this paper, we consider scattered and incident wave vectors in arbitrary directions, metallic and dielectric materials with complexp ermittivity. Surfaces are considered with Gaussian probability density functions for surface heights and Gaussian or non-Gaussian correlation functions. The coherent and incoherent components of the electromagnetic intensity for cross- and co-polarization are calculated in the bistatic case and we give several comparisons of the theory with measured data.


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Gerard Berginc, "Small-Slope Approximation Method: a Further Study of Vector Wave Scattering from Two-Dimensional Surfaces and Comparison with Experimental Data," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 37, 251-287, 2002.


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