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Image Reconstruction of Buried Dielectric Cylinders by TE Wave Illumination

By C.-C. Chiu and Chun Lin
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 34, 271-284, 2001


The inverse scattering of buried dielectric cylinders by transverse electric (TE) wave illumination is investigated. Dielectric cylinders of unknown permittivities are buried in one half space and scatter a group of unrelatedTE waves incident from another half space where the scattered field is recorded. By proper arrangement of the various unrelated incident fields, the difficulties of ill-posedness and nonlinearity are circumvented, and the permittivity distribution can be reconstructedthrough simple matrix operations. The algorithm is basedon the moment methodandthe unrelatedillumination method. Numerical results are given to demonstrate the capability of the inverse algorithm. Goodreconstruction is obtainedev en in the presence of additive random noise in measured data. In addition, the effect of noise on the reconstruction result is also investigated.


C.-C. Chiu and Chun Lin, "Image Reconstruction of Buried Dielectric Cylinders by TE Wave Illumination," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 34, 271-284, 2001.


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